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    • *24 HR Tenno Casting Call* Be Featured in a Promo Video!
      Hello Tenno!  Ever dream of the big screen? Think you've got what it takes to be the ultimate FashionFrame star? Well now is your chance to have your Warframe and Operator featured in the next official promo video for The War Within! We will be picking a handful of submissions, those that are picked will have their in-game alias and customized Warframe and Operator spotlighted. Here's what you have to do: Take a screenshot of your Warframe in the Arsenal (different angle shots will help!) Take a screenshot of your Operators in the "Customize Tenno" window.  Post your screenshots in this thread with the name of the Loadout you want featured.  Example screenshots: For accuracy sake, we will be copying the winning submissions' accounts to inspect the exact cosmetic items and color schemes chosen. All Platforms (PC, XB1, PS4) can participate! 1 submission per account.  Get your submissions in before Wednesday, September 28th @ 10 AM EDT (time converter). The thread will be closed at that time.  Good luck!           View the full article
    • The Silver Grove: U3.3
      The Silver Grove: U3.3 Changes Updated the Plastid Pickup material. Increased the context action size when picking up Ayatan Stars. Storage Containers and lockers will now have a chance to drop both types of Star instead of only dropping 1 type. Fixes Fixed waypoints interfering with context actions.  Fixed offset Excavator trigger radius ring in Excavation missions. Fixed positioning of extraction trigger radius in Orokin Derelict missions. Fixed missing debris sounds when breaking electrical boxes.  Fixed an out of memory related crash. Fixed various localization issues.
        View the full article
    • Incorrect PC/Console Alert Tweets
      Hey Tenno!  Currently the official PC Warframe Alert Twitter account (@WarframeAlert) is tweeting Alerts that are not in line with those that are live on PC. We are currently working on having these Tweets accurately reflect the Alerts that are live at the time of the notification.  As we work on this, we apologize if these Tweets get you excited about an alert that is not available!  ------ Update 6:08 PM EDT: PC tweets are working correctly! We've moved onto PS4/XB1 now!  Update 7:22 PM EDT: Console tweets are working correctly!      View the full article
    • Sept 24. Weekend Connectivity Issues.
      Hey Tenno,  We are working with our infrastructure partners to resolve issues with connectivity in certain regions.  We're sorry for the bad timing and frustration as we're split across the continents but we have brains and fingers working to resolve at our home base.  Thank you for your patience!    View the full article
    • The Silver Grove: U3.2
      The Silver Grove: U3.2   Changes Removed beams above the cryopod area in the Infested Defense level. Updated the icons for Resource Containers.   Fixes Fixed an issue with Ayatan Sculptures placed within the Landing Craft turning into duplicate version of other decorations. Note: Individuals who had previously been effected by this will have their broken Ayatan Sculptures corrected in a forth coming script. Thanks for your patience! Fixed an issue with Ayatan Sculptures not being collectable after a host migration. Fixed an issue with duplicate Ayatan Sculptures being present if a previous host reconnected before the treasure was collected. Fixed a couple of exploitable map areas found in certain Infested Defense tilesets. Fixed the "Wait For Players" button appearing prematurely before search had completed on laggy connections. Clicking on it during this time would cause it to act as if the player had pressed .“Play Now” instead. Fixed Ayatan Stars appearing blurry when placed on the ship as Decorations. Fixed being able to purchase Warframe slots when selling Ayatan Sculptures/Stars. Fixed not being able to remove the Ayatan Sah Sculpture and Ayatan Orta Sculpture once placed. Fixed Loot Crates spawning inside the walls in the Jupiter Corpus tileset. Fixed Endo Alerts having conflicting rewards with the Twitter text. Fixed a duplicate Accept/Decline prompt being seen after selecting an Ayatan Mission. Fixed an issue with in-game Polymer bundle pickups not appearing correctly. View the full article