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    • Warframe at PAX WEST 2016!
      Fire up your Landing Crafts, Tenno! We want to see you at PAX West in Seattle! Join us for the Warframe: Developer and Community Panel as Rebecca, Sheldon, Megan, and Drew talk all things Warframe, LIVE! Study up for the ultimate Developer versus Community trivia challenge where you can match wits against the Warframe team for the chance to win some fantastic prizes! It wouldn’t be a Warframe panel without updates on the state of the game, Q&A session, and tantalizing teases for what’s in store in The War Within update. We'll see you at the Hydra Theatre on Sunday, September 4 at 6 p.m. PT (that's 9 p.m. ET). Can’t make it to PAX West? Then make sure to watch it all live on! See you in Seattle, Tenno! View the full article
    • Nekros Prime Access is Here!
      Nekros Prime and the newest Prime Gear have arrived Harvest the souls of the dead and muster a shadow army to fight for you with Nekros Prime Access! Get Nekros Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours - instantly - including Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime, Galatine Prime, and exclusive Customizations only available through Prime Access! NEKROS PRIME
      Death’s new master. Features unique Mod Polarities for extended customization. TIGRIS PRIME
      An artifact of exquisite beauty. A weapon of deadly purpose. GALATINE PRIME
      Only the Tenno were strong enough to wield this noble beast of a weapon. URU PRIME SYANDANA
      Let these massive segments of interlinked gold and silver ripple down your Warframe’s back. ACANTHUS PRIME ARMOR
      Cast a shadow of pure menace. PRIME ACCESSORIES
      Add Exclusive Nekros Prime Avatars to your online presence! Speed up your in-game progress with 90-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters. DISCOUNTED PLATINUM
      Give your Platinum supply a boost at a great price. Nekros Prime Access will be available on the following dates: PC: August 23 at 2 p.m. ET Xbox One: August 23 at 2 p.m. ET PlayStation 4:
      North and South America:  August 23 at 2 p.m. ET    
      Europe: August 24 at 2 p.m. ET
      Japan: August 25 at 2 p.m. ET
      Asia: August 29 at 2 p.m. ET Click here to learn more about Prime Access now! View the full article
    • The Silver Grove: Hotfix 3 (Nekros Prime!) 
      The Silver Grove: Hotfix 3 (Nekros Prime!)  Nekros Prime is here! 
        Harvest the souls of the dead and muster a shadow army to fight for you with Nekros Prime Access! Get Nekros Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours - instantly - including Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime, Galatine Prime, and exclusive Customizations only available through Prime Access! Click here for more information on Prime Access: Nyx Prime, Scindo Prime and Hikou Prime have entered the Prime Vault and their Relics are no longer obtainable in the game. If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your Inventory. If you already hold Relics in your inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your inventory and you may continue to play them. As a responsive measure, a Perrin Sequence and New Loka Syndicate sacrifice -- the Nyx Prime Neuroptics will be replaced with Vauban Prime Neuroptics and Scindo Prime Blade will be replaced with Nikana Prime Blade. The new Relics added that contain Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime, and Galatine Prime now contain a mix of the unvaulted items from the above removed Relics. Check the in-game Codex in the 'Relics & Arcanes' section to find the drop locations for the new Relics! 
      Changes If you are hunting new Auras, the Silver Grove Specters now spawn at a minimum level of 25, and gain 3 levels for each Specters spawned. Moved the placement of plant waypoints to prevent the plants from spawning underneath decorations. Buffed the Shotgun Amp Aura Mod to feel more comparable to Rifle Amp. It is now 18% at Max Rank. You can now only equip 2 Apothics in your gear as opposed to the erroneous 200.  Conclave Changes & Fixes Reduced melee blocking angle in Conclave Reduced damage of Nikana series in Conclave Adjusted input order of Sudden Spring combo in Fateful Truth Conclave stance Fixes Fixed a crash that would occur in Mastery Rank up tests. Fixed Junctions tasks appearing offscreen. Fixed Raptor being able to damage Limbo while in the rift. Fixed an issue where it was impossible to complete the Second Dream using only the Steam Controller. View the full article
    • The Silver Grove: Hotfix 2
      The Silver Grove: Hotfix 2 Changes
      - Tweaked the Raptor boss tileset to prevent unintended teleporting.
      - Increased the spawn chances of Frostleaf.
      - Removed butterfly sounds from Titania’s idle animations for other Warframes. Butterfly sounds will only play on Titania’s idle animations with Titania equipped.
      - Adjusted the positioning for Porta Armour Leg Plates on Saryn Prime.
      - Adjusted the position and scale of the Edo Chest Plate on Nyx Prime to match Nyx (was too big on Nyx Prime).
      - Latron/Latron Wraith will now properly alert enemies when fired.
      - Nullifier capture targets no longer have their nullifier globe expanded when they are downed.
      - The radial burst from Syndicate weapons and mods is now silent and won't alert enemies. Endo Fixes: - Upon receiving Endo rewards in endless missions like Survival an Excavation, you will now be shown a total rather than having to mental math on things like '5 x 80'.
      - Fixed Endo amounts in mission reward tables across the board. Due to an issue in the conversion, the value assignments were based on "unranked" Cores from the old system rather than a fully ranked Core. All Reward tables are now restored to have the correct Endo within (i.e Excavation, Survival, etc).  If you need a comparison, 1 Common Core (Max Rank) = 15 Endo, 1 Uncommon Core (Max Rank) = 50 Endo, and 1 Rare Core (Max Rank) = 80 Endo.
      - Clarity on drops overall for endless missions:
      We did a drop audit of our endless tables and decided to reduce the repeat Mods in Rotation C and split what was 100% of Relics in B with C so that C isn't considered a 'wasted' rotation. Fixes
      - Fixed not being able to summon The Silver Grove Specters post quest completion to obtain the new Auras.
      - Fixed a progression stopping bug where Excavators would not spawn in The Archwing quest mission.
      - Fixed The Silver Grove Specters being missing from the Codex.
      - Fixed The Silver Grove new Aura rewards missing from the Codex. (As a wise Crewman once said... "If you think an Aura would be sweet then a Specter you must beat.")
      - Fixed being able to jump/crouch/slide with Nyx’s Assimilate augment active by switching to your melee weapon.
      - Fixed getting stuck on ziplines with Nyx’s Assimilate augment. You can now cast/decast the augment while ziplining!
      - Fixed missing finisher sound for the Sarpa.
      - Fixed Titania’s Razorwing weapons having zero proc chance.
      - Fixed unintended reduced charged shot speed on the Redeemer as per:  
      - Fixed being able to get The Silver Grove quest before completing Second Dream.
      - Fixed a poor Pox throwing animation when holding a datamass.
      - Fixed a black mesh appearing on the Pox in the Arsenal.
      - Fixed ground enemies continually spawning after you have been teleported to Archwing in the Archwing Quest Fomorian Escape mission. This caused significant performance drops.
      - Fixed Corpus turrets not being destroyed.
      - Fixed casting Titania’s Spellbind on a player while they are reloading, breaking them and their animation until they melee attack.
      - Fixed Loot Detector’s glow effect being too dim for Mods.
      - Fixed Operator voice not playing on Focus cast.
      - Fixed several issues relating to customizing gamepad bindings on PC.
      - Fixed a crash upon killing Lieutenant Lech Kril.
      - Fixed a progression stopping bug in the Mastery Rank 17 test where enemy kills did not count towards your kill counter.
      - Fixed a progression stopping bug in the Mastery Rank 20 test where passing through the rings did not increase your timer.
      - Fixed Shield Lancers in the Mastery Rank 3 test being equipped with Sicarus’ and causing significantly more damage.
      - Fixed not being able to shoot/damage enemies upon decasting Titania’s Razorwing.
      - Fixed not being able to hand in challenge completions to Simaris as per:
      - Fixed ‘Screen Cap’ sounds not obeying volume settings.
      - Fixed many UI bugs that would occur in DirectX 9 when Fullscreen as per:
      - Fixed the Extinguished Dragon Key causing the SCanner to work very slowly.
      - Fixed Dynamic music not switching when the Stalker appears.
      - Fixed Whirlwind not appearing as an option for thrown weapons.
      - Fixed various localization issues. View the full article
    • Any chance I can get back into Gryphus??
      Hello everybody I'm a veteran player from a few years back! Frosty-The-Snowman might remember me... But yeah, I wanna get back into Gryphus Tech and I was looking for somebody to add me! Sorry about posting it here if it's the wrong section.