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    • The War Within: Hotfix 19.2.1
      Fixes: Fixed numerous unlocalized text. Fixed incorrect/no reward if a fissure expires before the player rejoins from a crash or disconnect Fixed Void Relic still displaying in inventory after cancelling a Fissure Mission Fixed issue when trading Platinum and sculptures together Fixed a bug with Martial Fury that made Power Rate a negative value Fixed codex entries where it would assume an enemy could spawn in a region too high level for it. Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand traps going away when she dies in Conclave. Fixed players sometimes getting Prime they rolled instead of Prime they chose when cracking Relics in endless Defense.   Spoiler Fixes :     View the full article
    • The War Within: Update 19.2.0
      The War Within: Update 19.2.0
      6 New Melee Mods have been added! Discover them from the bodies of your enemies or in Mod Packs:   Dispatch Overdrive - On Melee Channel Kill: +60% Movement speed for 15 seconds. Healing Return - +11 Healed when hitting a target affected by status. Condition Overload - +60% Melee Damage for each status type affecting the target. Relentless Combination - +100% combo chance when Slash Status deals damage. Guardian Derision - Blocking taunts enemies within 15 meters to target you instead of allies. Enduring Affliction - +150% Status duration on hit.
      4 New Warframe Augment Mods have been added to their respective Syndicate offerings:   Frost: Icy Avalanche (Avalanche) - Grants allies within the radius a coat of ice that absorbs 60 damage per enemy hit.  Hydroid: Corroding Barrage (Tempest Barrage) - Each projectile has a 100% chance of inflicting a Corrosive status effect. Loki: Savior Decoy (Decoy) - If Loki takes fatal damage, Decoy absorbs the damage and swaps locations. Also increased casting speed of Decoy by 50%. Rhino: Reinforcing Stomp (Rhino Stomp) - Iron Skin is replenished by 80 for each enemy affected.    Lua is now an available location for Sortie missions!
      Changes: The Saita Prime Operator Suit has been visually changed due to concerning feedback on the original design. Please see our Saita Prime Operator Suit PSA here: In preparation for our upcoming holiday campaign, we have increased the number of gifts you can send with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled. You must also be Mastery Rank 2 or higher to send gifts. The higher your Mastery Rank the more gifts can be sent (similar to max trades per day). However, if you do not have 2FA enabled, the minimum requirement to send gifts is Mastery Rank 8.  How to enable Two-Factor Authentication: Casting speed Mods (Natural Talent) now affect: Loki’s Decoy Chroma’s Vex Armor Saryn’s Spores and Toxic Lash Excalibur’s Radial Blind Ivara’s Artemis Bow (while ziplining) and Navigator (while ziplining), Quiver, and Prowl Inaros’ Scarab Swarm Oberon’s Smite Ash’s Smoke Screen Equinox’s Metamorphosis   You can now skip both mission fly-in cinematics by skipping the first one. Previously this went live and resulted in loading into an Archwing mission with no Archwing. We have since fixed that issue and are confident the new feature is here to stay!  Made numerous performance improvements in the Kuva Fortress tileset.  The Halls of Ascension ‘Speed Test’ on Lua is now repeatable in the same mission. This also fixes Puncture/AOE weapons from breaking the challenge by destroying switches. Tweaked the sound of all Limbo’s abilities. Adjusted the positioning for the Daedalus Spurs to prevent clipping on Mesa. Adjusted Sugatra positioning to try and prevent the Kazeru Prime Sugatra from freaking out when equipped on Claw weapons. Adjusted the Vala Sugatra Prime to fix floating off Claw weapons.
      Dedicated Server Changes & Fixes: Dedicated Servers will try to automatically restart if there's a new Update available. Fixed some problems with running a Dedicated Server & Warframe at the same time.
      Conclave Changes & Fixes: Removed Mesa's no Melee Health buff Passive from Conclave. Increased Secondary weapon reload speed of Mesa’s Passive in Conclave. Mirage’s Sleight of Hand traps now last indefinitely in Conclave. Changed the Martial Fury Conclave Mod from 0.5 Power Rate to -50% Power Rate. Changed ‘Low Current Leap’ Conclave Mod name to ‘No Current Leap’ and +5 second Shield regeneration delay changed to 0 Power Rate. ‘Armored Evade’ Conclave Mod damage resistance increased to 40% while dodging. -20% Slide changed to -10% Mobility. ‘Final Act’ Conclave Mod Ability Efficiency increased to 40%. Reduced the duration of Ash's Smoke Screen in Conclave. Reduced the damage of Saryn's Spores in Conclave. Reduced Volt's Shock damage in Conclave. Increased Volt's Shock radius from 8 to 10m in Conclave. Fixed a localization tag showing when Loki’s Deceptive Bond Decoy Augment activates. Fixed an edge case scenario that could result in unbalanced teams in Conclave. Fixed a script error when clicking on the exit button at the End of Mission screen as Client in Conclave. Fixed Clients not seeing Mirage’s Sleight of Hand trap FX.
      Fixes: Fixed a crash that would occur in the Landing Craft when moving decorations. Fixed a crash that occurred during the Assassinate Vay Hek Sortie mission.  Fixed a crash that occurred while attempting to join a squad. Fixed a rare case of loading into a mission with the wrong Warframe.  Fixed performance issues in the first The War Within quest mission. Fixed a white screen hang during The War Within quest when playing on low-end machines. Fixed Client getting incorrect/no reward if a Void Fissure expires before the player rejoins from a crash or disconnect. Fixed interactions to respond correctly to Nullifiers that target specific ability types. I.E Damage Nullifiers should only affect things/abilities that do damage.  Fixed bad enemy spawning in Uranus Exterminate Alerts & Sorties. Made fixes towards resolving players losing progress in Endless Void Fissure missions if they hit a reward interval during a Hotfix. Fixed Melee speed powers/Mods being disabled in the presence of a Slo Comba. Fixed all Comba/Scrambus’ being able to nullify Nekros’ Shadow of the Dead summons.  Fix an issue where the Acrid's dissolve would stop prematurely, preventing the corpses from being destroyed.  Fixed incorrect textures being used when equipping the Ryu Nikana Skin on the Dragon Nikana. Fixed a floating attachment when equipping the Ryu Nikana Skin on the Dragon Nikana.  Fixed receiving an error when attempting to purchase a Focus Lens from the Upgrade screen. Fixed Venka Prime not being drawn when spawning with only melee equipped. Fixed incorrect description appearing for "Pistol Only" Sorties. It now reads"Secondary Only". Fixed Hydroid’s passive activating off of the Telos Boltace spin attack and from an equipped Bullet Dance. Fixed enemies endlessly spawning in the Rank 16 Mastery Rank test as per: Fixed Ash not being able to Teleport to Shrapnel Mine, Kuva Fortress Turrets and the Grineer Blunt.  Fixed Clients not being able to access a secret area in the Infested Ship tileset.  Fixed an unintended unreachable platform in the Lua tileset. Fixed unlocalized text in the The War Within quest.  Fixed falling out of the world when jumping out of an elevator on the Jupiter, Themisto tileset.  Fixed ragdolling an enemy (without killing them) causes Ash’s Blade Storm marks to disappear.  Fixed Ash’s Blade Storm marks being embedded inside enemies while levitating.  Fixed hitching that could occur for Clients when selecting their rewards at the end of a Void Fissure mission. Fixed the Energy Conversion blue spinning HUD buff icon from disappearing over time. Fixed no proper indication in the Market that Restore Blueprint bundles offer more than one Restore.  Fixed planet UI overlapping the Last Mission Results screen when viewed from a planet in Navigation.  Fixed the Capture timer continuing to count up in the Mastery Rank 23 test, making it impossible to complete.  Fixed Vor permanently firing his Janus Key beam ability at you in Vor’s Prize.
      Spoiler Fixes :
      Missing from the notes: Hydroid's Barrage: Power Range now increases the AoE of each projectile instead increasing their spread, making them easier to hit a target area.  View the full article
    • Warframe @ The Game Awards...
      Hey everyone!

      This post will have a bit of surreal news for this week. First, there is no Devstream this Friday (Dec 2).
      Secondly... it's because Warframe folks will be at The Game Awards! I haven't started packing yet because I'm still processing what's happening (with a bit of anxiety), but a handful of us are off to the show to represent Warframe at The Game Awards as part of a sponsorship!

      As sponsors we get some airtime to represent Warframe, so for any of you watching you'll see us talking about a 'Prime Gaming Sweepstakes' that everyone can take part in! Our ability to participate as sponsors is only really possible thanks to you so we're pairing it with a giveaway. Luckily I won't have to look into the camera and tell people where to send a message to claim their prize, it'll all be online before the show. A heads up that we aren't revealing anything (especially this soon to The War Within on PC), but we'll be there to spread the Warframe love.

      See you on the show!

          View the full article
    • The War Within: Hotfix 19.1.1+
      The War Within: Hotfix 19.1.1  Major Update 19.1.0: Changes: Removed 3 Day Boosters from Sortie rewards for the time being due to it creating issues.  Fixes: Fixed Ash’s Blade Storm sometimes causing a crash.  Fixed not receiving the 3 Day Booster Sortie reward. *Please note that our team is working on a script to deliver missing 3 Day Booster rewards to players affected. We will update this thread when the script is complete.   Script is complete! Those affected should now see an active 3 Day booster.  Fixed Ash performing 3 Blade Storm attacks on enemies that are only marked once or twice.  Fixed Ash’s Blade Storm Energy stats being red when they are actually improved. Fixed Mesa’s Regulator pistols appearing to be holstered incorrectly.  Spoiler Fixes :   The War Within: Hotfix Spoiler Fixes:   View the full article
    • The War Within: 19.1.0 Ash Revisited
      The War Within: 19.1.0 Ash Revisited Additions:
      Emerge from the dark smoke of battle as a new vision of the master spy. ASH KOGA SKIN BUNDLE
      Become Ash Koga, with this striking skin bundle. Includes the Ash Koga Warframe Skin and the Nikana Ryu Skin.
      Ash Revisited We decided to rework Blade Storm after almost a full year of the same themed feedback showing up. We often heard and experienced a power that doesn't allow for player participation beyond pressing 4 once and waiting. We have been increasingly committed to participatory powers (especially ultimates) and focused on emphasizing that for Blade Storm.   Blade Storm Changes: Blade Storm now has a new 'Mark Enemy' mode that is activated when you hit 4. Ash enters target mode, which you can freely target enemies with your reticule up to 3 times each for attack. Once you're satisfied, press 4 again, Blade Storm begins and all targeted enemies are attacked! Each mark costs Energy (15) which is affected by Mods. If a marked enemy is killed by a squad mate, you will get the energy back.  Marks made while invisible by any source will have a cheaper base cost (10).  Enemies killed by Blade Storm will dissolve, leaving no corpse behind to detect! Teleport Changes: Teleport will now allow you to target anything with a health bar! Instead of being limited to Teleporting to allies or enemies, you can now teleport to objects.  Smoke Screen Changes: Smoke Screen can now be cast while running (no lower body movement lock). Smoke Screen can now be cast while in-air! 
      Please note that we will be closely monitoring your practical feedback - please feel free to share videos and discussions after playing this rework. It'll help us if you include details on your build used too. 
      Sortie Reward Changes:
      Previously: New Sortie Rewards:
      Spoiler Changes: Changes: 10x Kavat Genetic Codes have been added to Alerts! Doubled the length of rare-item Alerts! Sortie Rewards are now displayed in color by rarity.  Valkyr Prime, Cernos Prime, and Venka Prime have been added to the Codex and are now linkable in chat.  The Kuva Fortress is now eligible for Grineer Sortie mission locations.  You can now change firing modes during reload on the Stradavar and Zarr as per feedback: Optimized Holster customization.  Made some changes to lower level load time in some cases in the Kuva Fortress.
      The Jordas Verdict Changes & Fixes: Reduced the range in which waypoint markers will display in the HUD in The Jordas Verdict to reduce distraction when maneuvering through the tunnels.  Fixed a progression stopping bug where the esophage wouldn’t consume the vape if the Host is outside or downed/dead in The Jordas Verdict.  Fixed being able to fly through J3 Jordas Golem in The Jordas Verdict.  Fixed seeing squadmates distance displayed on the HUD after they’ve entered the tunnel in The Jordas Verdict.  Fixed failing The Jordas Verdict if a player goes through an esophage at the same time a nerve is destroyed. Fixed The Jordas Verdict cinematic animating players below the level.  Fixed a flickering shield effect on the J3 Jordas Golem in The Jordas Verdict. 
      Conclave Changes: Added a confirmation message when trying to leave as a Client at End of Mission by pressing ESC to avoid unintended quits.  Reduced the damage of Cernos Prime in Conclave. Halikar disarm chance is now 100% in Conclave.
      Fixes: Fixed Brood Mothers and Boilers going into T-pose after death. Fixed Ash Shuriken wonky aiming and bumped up the turn rate so they hit targets much more consistently. Fixed Smeeta's Charm ‘Doubled Pickups and Affinity’ buff not working as intended and doubling a number of things that were unintended. It now properly doubles pickups: Resource, Health, Energy, Affinity, Credit and Ammo (previously it would). Fixed a progression stopping bug of the floor not opening up during the Lephantis fight. Fixed new players not being able to move after a Host Migration occurs in Endless Void Fissure Defense and Interception missions. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred during extraction in Survival and Excavation Void Fissure missions. Fixed Clients being unable to progress through Assault missions on the Kuva Fortress.  Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones applying her Aura as well. Fixed a loss of functionality in Maroo's Bazaar. Fixed ‘Level Up’ being displayed instead of the correct ‘Rank Up’ terminology.  Fixed incorrect use of grammar in Valkyr’s Passive description.  Fixed the Phobos Junction task ‘Open 3 Lith Void Relics’ not completing upon opening 3 Lith Relics as per: Fixed the Relic Selection screen showing filepaths.  Fixed Archwing weapons (Cyngas) swapping to melee on empty fire. Fixed Sortie using old faction ownership of Mars & Phobos (Mars is now Grineer, Phobos is Corpus). Fixed missing equip sound for Venka Prime. Fixed players getting stuck under elevators in the Kuva Fortress tileset.  Fixed occasional hitches in the The War Within quest. Fixed not being able to customize the Energy color on the Saita Prime Operator Skin.  Fixed some cases of long hitches when loading into levels.  Fixed enemies not being properly highlighted and their ragdolls sometimes not disappearing in the Mastery Rank 9 test.  Fixed script errors in Void Fissure missions. Fixed numerous Zoom Mods having double negatives in their description.  Fixed the holster positioning of the Ripkas.  Fixed some effects not replicating for Clients in Kuva Fortress Assault missions. Fixed issues of long load times in Kuva Fortress Assault missions.  Fixed being prompted that a squadmate doesn’t have the proper Sortie restricted loadout at the end of the 10-second countdown.  Fixed reload sounds on the Supra. Fixed the Kohm appearing to fire inhumanly fast when viewed as the Host. Fixed Kubrow ‘Howl’ and ‘Dig’ barks not playing. 
      Spoiler Fixes :
          View the full article